Edible Play Dough:
I have tried several edible play dough recipes, and this one is my favorite. The kids love to help me make the play dough, and they will play with it for hours. If you keep the play dough in a sealed container or zip lock, it will last several days. The play dough is fun to play with, and it tastes great too. Play dough is not only a great fine motor activity, but it’s great for building the imagination too.

1 cup peanut butter

1/2 cup honey

2 cups powdered sugar

Mix the ingredients together in a bowl. If the play seems sticky, you can add more powdered sugar.

Your kids will love playing with this play dough because they can eat it too. Of course, you want to teach them that we don’t usually eat play dough. You can have them help you make the edible play dough so that they understand that this version is special.

Store the play dough in an air tight sealed container or a ziplock bag.

Benefits of Play Dough:
Children (and adults) love to play with play dough. Of course, we love it because it’s fun. Children can benefit from playing with play dough in so many different ways. It is great for fine motor development. Your children will strengthen their hand muscles and tendons while playing with play dough. This will help them with their pencil and scissor control. Play dough is a great activity to engage your child’s senses. They will love poking it, pulling it, squeezing it, squashing it, molding it, rolling it, flattening it, chopping it, etc. It requires hand-eye coordination, concentration, and an imagination. You can watch your child’s creativity shine while playing with play dough. It is also a therapeutic activity that may calm your child. It also encourages language and skills for literacy, math, and science.

You have many items around the house that are great for play dough activities. You might want to add items to your play dough tub such as a rolling pin, scissors, animals, straws, string, toothpicks (older kids), buttons, cookie cutters, blocks, birthday candles, bottle caps, combs, plastic forks, leaves, rocks, pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes, shells, paper clips, coins, glitter, stamps, paper umbrellas, etc.

Activity Ideas:

If your child needs a little inspiration, here are some ideas to get him/her going: make food, make animals, create an ocean, make dirt and roll cars/trucks over it, use stick spaghetti to make insects, make monsters using straws, practice cutting, make a rainbow, stamp words, make buildings/towers using popsicle sticks, make leaf prints, cut shapes with cookie cutters, make trees and plants, take an imprint of toy animals, make tracks with animal feet or vehicles, etc.