Waugh Drive Bat Colony
Are you looking for something fun, free and different to do with your family? I recommend watching the bats emerge from the Waugh Bridge at the Buffalo Bayou Park. The bats come out at sunset so I recommend arriving about twenty minutes before dusk. There is parking on the street near the bridge, but you may have to walk a little bit. We have been a few times, and my kids loved it each time. There is an observation deck at the corner of Waugh Drive and Allen Parkway. You can stand on the deck, or you can get a closer view down by the bridge. You will see a continuous flow of bats emerging for about 15-20 minutes.

The Bat Colony is one of Houston’s best kept secrets. The bat colony consists of Mexican free-tailed bats that come out nightly and feed on insects. The bats in Houston do not migrate south during the winter months like other bats. You can also see bats in Austin at the Congress Avenue Bridge and beneath the Watonga Drive Bridge in Northwest Houston.

For more information about the bats, please visit the City of Houston website.