The Wet’N’Wild Splashtown Water Park, located in Spring, TX, is an all-in-one destination for great summer fun for the whole family. The park offers exciting, fun activities, from concerts to dive-in movies and all nature of special events. The main attraction is, of course, the incredible water park rides. There are rides and fun attractions for every family member at Wet’N’Wild Splashtown Water Park.

There are a wide variety of rides in sections devoted to younger and older visitors. There are also fantastic family rides that everyone can enjoy together. Here are the most popular attractions at the park. Rides and attractions change; check out the park’s website for up-to-date information on what is offered and any possible ride closure that may be needed for maintenance.

Fun Rides for Kids:

Blue Lagoon Activity Pool – A poolside area, designed for younger guests:  The Blue Lagoon includes an exciting rope swing, a wide variety of water activities, and a stunning waterfall. It’s an excellent place for the kids to hang out and relax without those pesky parents! Lots of music, great places to chill and meet new friends, and play with plenty of supervision always on hand.

Tree House: The Tree House is a wacky and wild three stories of fun. The Tree House offers climbing nets, ladders, exciting slides, and water buckets for dumping on your friends or yourself. There is so much to do here that kids can stay active for hours.

Wet’N’Wild Junior: This new interactive children’s area offers younger guests the same thrills and fun as the more grown-up Wet’N’Wild attractions but is scaled down to a kid’s size. Slides, sprays, buckets, wading areas, and places to chill and have fun are made just for kids.

Thrilling Rides for Mature Guests (48″ and Taller Guests)

Big Spin – A unique funnel-shaped water slide that takes you around and down in a whirlpool of fun and excitement.

Brain Drain: A heart-pounding, spine-jarring floor dropper that takes you down a 7-story tall 330-foot long slide experience that includes 360 turns, twists, and big splashing fun. Not for the faint of heart; this ride is for the bravest souls who dare to approach it.

Flow Rider – All the fun of surfing and wakeboarding without the expensive trip to Hawaii or Australia. Surf on your belly, knees, or feet. Continuous waves and none of those pesky sharks, it’s the best way to surf!

Rip Curl: Free fall from a dark tunnel into a 40-foot bowl that whips you around at 26 feet per second before dropping you down a chute into a pool waiting below. It’s the closest thing to being inside a tsunami you can get.

Texas Freefall: The excellent side-by-side freefalling slides take you seven stories down to a big splash finish. Not for the timid, this is one ride that you will never forget with a thrill as big as Texas itself.

Tornado: This tunnel slide takes you down a 132-foot tunnel on a double raft before throwing you into a funnel that takes you into a 5000-gallon pool finish.

Wala Wals Falls: This race slide is perfect for those who like to challenge their friends, family, or themselves. Side by side, 30-foot slides let you decide who is the fastest, bravest, and makes the biggest splash.

Group Rides for The Whole Family

Big Kahuna – This raft ride offers a thrilling trip through a series of tunnels with twists, turns, and rapids like you have never seen before.

Runaway Rapids: This enclosed tube ride features three flumes that give you a chance to have a different experience every time you ride. The unique ride’s design lets you break out of the ordinary and take a mind-boggling trip down the rapids in a way you will never forget.

Thunder Run: This family tube ride offers fabulous twists and turns and an exciting finish. Bring everyone on board the giant raft for a group adventure like no other.

Stingray Racer: Challenge the whole family or all of your friends to an exciting race on this 8-lane mat racing slide. The longest and fastest racer in Texas finally allows you to find out who the best of the best is.

Zoom Flumes: A unique 95-foot-long tandem tube slide allows you and a friend to slide down to a cool and refreshing finish together because life is more fun when you bring a friend.

Paradise River: The opposite of a thrill ride, the Paradise River offers you the chance to float along a lazy river to your heart’s content. Lay back and catch some sun as you and your friends chat, splash, and chill.

Wild Wave Pool – All of the fun of the ocean, but more fun and convenient. Half a million gallons of water offer continuous waves for floating and splashing fun.

There are cabanas that you can rent as well as lockers. 

Cabanas start at $200 plus tax and include an exclusive perks package. 

Also available are: 

  • Souvenir towels
  • Bottled water
  • Food, sunscreen
  • Retail discount
  • A family locker
  • Premium inner tubes

Lockers start at $10 and come in three sizes. Call the park before arrival to hear about special group rates for your large party.

With a low cost of admission and convenient hours, there is no excuse not to take the family out for a day of fun in the surf and sun. Access starts at just $30.99 per guest for visitors under 48″ tall and runs $44.99 for guests over 48′ tall. During the week cost is $4 less. There is a parking fee per vehicle of $10. No outside food or drinks are allowed, but you may only bring a small cooler with water. Complimentary life jackets are available at guest services on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Hours are from 10 am to 8 pm daily from season-opening until the end of July. Hours vary during August, so check out the park’s website for the most up-to-date information.