Thinking of taking your kids out for this Easter but cannot decide upon a place? Allow us to help you!

This Easter, we recommend that you take your children to the Quillian Center, one of Houston’s most well-known and highly rated family recreational centers. Every year, they host the Quillian Center Eggstravaganza, which celebrates Easter in a very grand way.

One of the many great events hosted by the Quillian Center, the Easter Eggstravaganza is a blast of an event that is held every year in the month of March. A very suitable event for families to enjoy as a whole, this is one events that every member of your family, from toddlers and babies, to children and teens, and even older children and the elderly (not to mention you yourself) can really enjoy.

The Easter Eggstravanganza has a very interesting line-up of activities that the entire family can enjoy as a whole. The most popular of these is the big free egg hunt, but there are other egg hunts and acitivties, both exclusively for children and for families as a whole.

The Easter Eggstravaganza is held in the morning hours before noon. While entry to the event is absolutely free, no matter what the size of your family is, some activities (for instance, Breakfast with the Bunny) have an additional, but affordable charge.

The event is held at 10570 Westpark Drive, Houston 77042, near Beltway 8, between Westpark and Beltway. Parking is easy, and largely free-of-charge.

Missed the Easter Eggstravaganza? No worries!! There are no dearth of activities at the Quillian Center!


Quite unsurprisingly, the Easter Eggstavaganza is not the only exciting activity that takes place at the Quillian Center. There are several other activities than can be enjoyed by your children and also by you and your children as a family.
Here are some of the many fun activities that the Quillian Center hosts from time-to-time.

The Quillian Center is known for hosting top-line, entertaining parties throughout the summer season. Not only are their parties family-friendly, they offer great quality services in terms of food, entertainment and ambience. Booking a summer party here will be a great choice for those looking for it.
Furthermore, those who book a party on a weekday (from Mondays to Thursdays) will be receiving a substantial discount offered by Kid Fun.

Summer Camps:
The Quillian Center offers a number of camps during the summer season that are designed for children between 5 to 14 years of age. These camps are full with fun-filled activities that helps kids enjoy and learn more about their world. Registration for the camps typically start in the month of April, while the camps are run in weekly sessions from May till August. The camps run for their full day hours from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. The summer camps are quite affordable as well, running at a price of around $195 per session.

Summer camps at the Quillian Center include several fun-filled and enjoyable activities, with sports such as baseball, basketball, gymnastics, golf, swim lessons, martial arts, flag football, ultimate sports, gymnastics, and street hockey, as well as other acitivities such as dancing, arts, crafts, and cooking, among others.

Swimming Pools:
The swimming pools at the Quillian Center are absolutely worth visiting. The Quillian Center sports one large swimming pool and a smaller pool for children called ‘Noah’s Ark.’ These pools were renovated very recently and have markedly improved since then.
Swimming pools at the Quillian Center are open to the public between the months of May and August every year.
While the pools are not free, they are very affordable, with an entry fee of $5 per person for Quillian members, and a fee of $7.50 per person for non-members. You can also avail several discount offers given out by us as ‘Kid Fun days.’

Noah’s Ark Anniversary Event
Noah’s Ark, one of the well-known children’s pool at the Quillian Center, celebrates its anniversary every year on the 4th of June. The recreational center holds a fun-filled event, complete with an amazing party, great entertainment and food, and plenty of giveaways for children. To know more about their yearly event, visit their website.

Have you ever taken your children to any of the activities at the Quillian Center? Do tell us your experience in our comments section!

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