I enjoy taking my children to different parks in town; it’s one of our favorite things to do. It doesn’t mean that we don’t go to the parks near our house–we love those, too, and visit them all the time. But sometimes, mixing things up a bit is fun, especially when you see the excitement in your kids’ eyes as they discover new places to play. Of course, every neighborhood has its great parks worth checking out. Still, if you’re looking for something new or different, here are some other excellent options within city limits. These are some of my favorite parks that we’ve visited. The most significant feature of any garden is that it is free. I like visiting parks with play areas and splash pads during the summer. I hope you enjoy my recommendations.

1. Discovery Green (Downtown)

We love Discovery Green because it offers so much to do. It has a playground, splash pad, ample green space, and more. And although there is no admission fee, you may have to pay to park. But once you’re there, you’ll find plenty of activities to keep you busy for several hours. Plus, I love that this park always has free events taking place.

2. Nottingham Park (West Houston)

Nottingham Park is a lot of fun. The park is terrific since it contains structures for children of all ages. They have a great splash pad as well. Even better, there is a lovely covered area with benches between the two regions. This park has clean restrooms to plenty of fun for your kids.

3. Donovan Park (Heights)

Donovan Park is a lot of fun, particularly for train enthusiasts. The park is a massive timber structure with activities for children of all ages. In this fantastic gated space, your youngsters will burn off energy. They also have a lovely paved area ideal for bike riding, scooters, and other sports. The park is guarded, and there are plenty of shaded areas to relax in the shade.

4. Memorial Park (Memorial Drive )

There are many reasons to love Memorial Park. It’s enormous, for one thing, and it has a 2.93-mile track perfect for getting some exercise. The park also has a playground area and facilities for sports like golf, tennis, softball, swimming, track and field events, croquet, volleyball, skating, and cycling. And if you’re just looking to relax or have some fun with family or friends, the park is a great picnic spot too.

5. Hermann Park

Hermann Park is a pedestrian paradise located in the heart of Houston. Themis space boasts a world-renowned zoo, a theater, a golf course, lush gardens, and much more. We love being able to spend a day here because there’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

6. Fire Truck Park (West University)

Fire Truck Park is the perfect place to take your little ones if they’re obsessed with fire trucks. It also has a lovely selection of play equipment that can entertain people of all ages. If you’d like to have a picnic or simply need relief from the sun, a big covered pavilion is available. And since the West University Fire Department is so close, you could even stop by before or after visiting the park!

7. Russ Pitman Park (Bellaire)

Russ Pitman Park is perfect for kids because it has a sandbox and structures they can play on and is located next to the Nature Discovery Center. Not to mention, there are plenty of animals around for them to see!

8. River Oaks Park or Pumpkin Park (River Oaks)

My kids love this park, and they also enjoy the pumpkin carriage parked there as well. The park is a fun place to play. They also have a hiking and cycling trail and a sports field. When I am in this part of town, I love to swing by the park to allow my children to play there.

9. Bear Creek Park (West Houston)

Bear Creek Park is a great place to take the family for a day out. With plenty of green space for picnics, playgrounds, and sports games, as well as free parking, it’s perfect for a budget-friendly day trip. Our favorite part of the park has to be the mini zoo – it’s always enjoyable to see the animals!