Czech Center Museum

Have you been to the Czech Center Museum? Every month, on the last Monday, the museum is free to visit. It’s always interesting to try a new museum and learn about different cultures. The free day occurs only once a month, so make sure you save it on your calendar.

Address: 4920 San Jacinto St. 77004
Phone: (713)-528-2060
Admission: $6 per visitor
Special Offer: FREE on the last Monday of each month from noon to 4pm

About the Museum:
The Czech Center Museum strives to educate the public about Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia and Slovakia through exhibits, concerts, lectures, language courses, weddings and other events. The museum is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., with tours offered at various times throughout the day. Guided tours for groups of five or more can be arranged in advance by calling (713)-528-2060.

Other Free Museums:
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What to expect:
Although free days at the museums are quite popular, some people choose to avoid them due to difficulty parking and large crowds. If you plan on attending a museum during one of these free days, I would recommend you go early to get better parking. Be prepared for larger than normal crowds and long lines. Knowing what expect will help you have more fun while enjoying thefree day experience .