Kelly Gartner is the queen of Houston closet organizing!

The Decision:

I decided to hire a closet organizing company in Houston. Anyone who knows me is aware that I am organized. My entire life, people have referred to me as “the organizer.” I not only keep an ordered existence in the physical sense, but I’ve also always been a social coordinator. When my friends peek into my pantry and closets while “teasing” me about how organized I am, they make me feel great. I’ve always been the friend who organizes bunco games, lady’s nights out, play dates for the kids, and so on. Who knew it would be this easy?

The Closet Organizing Service:

I decided to ask for Kelly Gartner’s help with my closet. What I thought would happen was that she would come over, help me organize it, and then leave, but I was so wrong. Not only did she help me manage- which saved me TONS of time in the long run- but she also showed me a few tips and tricks about keeping a neat space. Now, I have more free time on my hands than ever before!

Kelly taught me to see my house and belongings in a new, more positive light. I used to feel overwhelmed by all the stuff in my home, but now I realize that I can declutter and still be organized. I am ready to apply what Kelly has taught me to the rest of my home so I can experience even more joy in my life.

The Appointment:

I scheduled a date with Kelly to go through my closet. We had set a Wednesday meeting. I asked her whether I needed to “clean” before she arrived, and she assured me there was no need to do so. Even though I maintain a tidy house, I always “pick up” before my cleaning lady arrives. Therefore it made sense for me to “prepare” for this scenario. I also inquired if anything needed to be purchased in advance. We could use things from my previous collection because they weren’t essential items, and there was no requirement for me to make any purchases to organize my closet.

Getting Started:

When Kelly came over, we got right to work. She taught me about her organizing technique. The process was nothing like anything I’d done before. The mentality was also different. Instead of choosing the things I wanted to eliminate, I decided which ones I wanted to keep. Each item was handed to me and evaluated whether it pleased me. In my mind, I didn’t understand how it differed from what I had previously done. As soon as I began, however, I understood.

It was amazing how many things I owned that I never even wore! I had been keeping them “just in case” because they were given to me as a gift, but I never used them. It felt great to eliminate those items and make more space in my closet.

The Process:

According to Kelly, the process appeared simple to me. I was able to go through all of my clothes in a short time. It wasn’t straightforward, but I did my best. I made careful decisions about each item that I wanted to preserve. My closet is now jam-packed with things that I love. Nothing there caused me concern or doubt. Every single thing was chosen deliberately and consciously by me.

What makes it so unique? The outcome is a dramatic difference. I actually “cleaned out my closet” this summer. I got rid of all the clothes from college, outdated or too small. On Monday, my husband and I cleaned our garage, and we donated everything. We carried away bags and bags of clothing and a hundred pairs of shoes over two days before this appointment.

My life is different now than it was before I had a family. I am a stay-at-home mom with a “work at home” job. I no longer need all of my “going out clothes” or “professional clothes” or “clothes that I never wore.” When I kept each item, I chose to keep things I could wear now. I selected pieces that I love now.

Before Pictures:

I only have a small walk-in closet. When we took possession of the home, I utilized every nook and cranny. Everything was shoved into my closet, the garage, or any other vacant space I could find after the kids were born. As you can see, the drawers couldn’t close. It was difficult to hang anything in my closet because it was packed. The funny thing is that this occurred after a significant clean-up last summer. Because I couldn’t reach things all the time, I couldn’t utilize them in my closet.

During Pictures:

During the procedure, we removed everything from my closet. I took one thing at a time and called to keep it or toss it. For the most part, making a decision was simple. I got stuck on something that still had tags or items that I knew were pricey. I discovered that keeping those things in my closet gave me more guilt. If required, Kelly offered me subtle reminders by asking, “Does this item make you happy?” It was simple to respond to her question. Therefore the next step was obvious.

We went through my clothes, shoes, belts, accessories, jewelry, swimsuits, handbags, and other items. Seeing that I had chosen each component as we placed things back in my closet was uplifting. To organize the elements by kind and color using the KonMari method, Kelly utilized it on me.

My biggest challenge was sticking to the concept that my closet should only store things I would put on my body. Before this home, I had large closets. I was able to hold my wardrobe, accessories, and other things. Kelly helped me find another location to store my address book, picture frames, baby books, files, camera stuff, sheets, etc. Even though I struggled with this part of the process, I love the outcome. My closet is now a space for ME.

After Pictures:

I am overwhelmed with JOY when I enter my wardrobe. I’ve always filled the space available, but I like the concept of only having items that I love. Kelly didn’t teach me how to organize; she taught me a new way to look at life. I understood that clutter, even organized clutter, affects our daily lives. It’s disruptive. Clutter builds up, and we become oblivious to it over time. Having a decluttered space is essential to me; my closet was the first place I started. Rather than removing items willy-nilly, I carefully selected what I wanted to keep. This motivated me to change every other space in my home so that it would be just as peaceful and inspiring.

My Donation Pile:

I just got rid of years’ worth of clothes and other belongings that I never use, and let me tell you, it feels incredible! As soon as my friend left, Kelly, I stuffed all the bags into my car and took them straight to a donation center. I can’t even remember what was in those bags. I know they were full of things that had taken up space in my closet for too long. Now when I walk into my closet, I feel relief and pride at how much stuff I don’t have to keep around anymore.

My Experience:

Kelly Gartner changed me for the better. I decided to share my story with you all in the hopes that it may inspire someone else. I naturally love teaching, and Kid Fun is a great example. If Kelly hadn’t come into my life when she did, who knows where I’d be now? She didn’t just change the way my closet looked, but entirely how I think about everyday tasks. There are not enough thank-yous for what she’s done for me.

If you had told me a similar story, I would have probably felt inspired, but nothing would have changed in my life. What made me decide to do this process? I don’t exactly know, but thank goodness for the impulse. I needed to do this, and judging by how fantastic my closet looks now and other transformed areas of my home, I will continue utilizing this method until every space is perfect.

The Outcome:

I am so pleased with the outcome of our session! Not only is my closet more organized, but Kelly also showed me how to keep it. I feel like I have more control over my belongings and my life. This experience has shown me that less is more. Thanks, Kelly!

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