The Houston Police Department’s Mounted Patrol Facility welcomes guests to tour their barn Monday-Friday from 12:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. No appointment is necessary for these drop-in visits. If you’d like to come on the weekend or have a guided tour, please call 832-394-0372 to schedule something for Tuesday or Thursday.

While you’re here, take some time to see the horses and feed them if you’d like. If you want to give them a snack, remember to bring carrots (whole), apples (quartered), and peppermints (taken out of their wrappers). Guided tours are also available upon request, where a police officer will talk to your group in the conference room about topics such as the horses, training methods, work hours, etc. You can ask questions about the horses and find out anything you’d like to know. If you’re lucky, you might see a horse do tricks such as jumping up, counting their age, making funny faces, or walking backward.

The Mounted Patrol Unit enjoys receiving donations, but there is no monetary obligation to visit the barn, take a tour, or book a party. And while we’re on the topic of gifts, we also like to bring something for the police officers who graciously give up their break time to chat with us, show us around, and answer any questions we might have.

The HPD Mounted Patrol has been working with Kid Fun for over a year on events. Officer Dallas is in charge of organizing the excursions, and she is a pleasure to deal with. She will promptly return your call and book a tour for you if you call her. She’s friendly, knowledgeable, and makes you feel at ease while waiting in line at the barn.

Please visit the Mounted Patrol website at If you have not been to their facility, I highly recommend going for a visit. You will not be disappointed.