Are you looking for things to do in Houston this weekend? You don’t have to look too hard. With lakes, beaches, mountains, deserts, and everything in between, you can find something new and also enjoyable to do. If you are looking for new spots to do this weekend, then never fear: Houston will deliver. You only need to look at some of the following great things to do in Houston this weekend.

Kemah Board Walk:

The Kemah Boardwalk has swiftly emerged from a waterfront dining encounter to a weekend destination for many. Ferris wheels, Roller coasters, and other carnival trips make it fun for every person. Kemah Boardwalk gives a variety of dining options that overlook the water. Within the walking range of the boardwalk is the Lighthouse District, where you can find live music and a variety of bars and restaurants excellent for having fun at the Kemah nightlife.

Visit Saint Arnolds:

Were they looking for things to do on a Friday afternoon or Saturday morning? How about touring Houston’s oldest and most prestige craft brewery? After the tour, attendants are encouraged to congregate in the central area to enjoy tasting various beers on tap. The main area resembles a cafeteria where hundreds of people come to drink assorted beers or root beer and play different board games that they bring themselves. It is an excellent chance to meet new people and speak among beer enthusiasts, all while sipping on freshly brewed beer.

Live! At Bayou Place:

Suppose you’re tired of the same old nightlife scenes and have never been to Live! At Bayou Place, this is where you should go on your this weekend outing. Live! At Bayou Place is like going to four bars at once. I say this because once you go in, you have an option of going to four different bars. Each bar has its own unique and vibrant atmosphere. The Shark Bar provides special drinks while overwhelming your ears with retro music. PBR Houston is a cowboy bar with beautiful décor, a mechanical bull to ride, and live music. Chapel Spirits is also one of the best places for any corporate happy hour party or event. Lucie’s Liquors has a unique beer and liquor selection excellent for partying or just relaxing with a cool drink. There is also a perfect choice of dining offered. The always famous Hard Rock Café requires no introduction. Another is the Sambuca Grill, which offers an extensive wine selection and South American food, or the Blue Fish, one of the best sushi places in Houston.

Visit Discovery Green:

Discovery Green is filled with activities all year long. There is an ice skating rink and remote-controlled sailboats during the weekends and holidays. Tons of live outdoor music is hosted annually by some of the most notable local and regional performers. Outdoor movies are regularly offered to feature date-worthy and popular family-friendly films. Some other sections of the park incorporate gateway fountains and mist trees for the dog runs, children, playgrounds, lakes, and jogging trails.

Renaissance Festival:

The Houston Renaissance Festival is one of Houston’s great and most acclaimed Renaissance fairs. It provides themed festival activities for weekends in the Fall. It’s fun for both kids and adults alike. Enjoy holiday and weekend performances from jousting to gypsy dances, mud wrestling, comedy shows, and glass blowing. There are many things to do here, and it will take you two trips to see it all. Be prepared to bring a sense of humor and a good attitude. You may be roped into an impromptu appearance out of nowhere. In addition to the shows, you can visit Sherwood Forest, try your ax/knife throwing skills, and drench or archery the wench activities. For those who have never been to the festival any other time, it will be an experience like no other!

Chappell Hill Lavender Farm:

Are you searching for something unique and genuinely peaceful? Then it would help if you stopped at the Chappell Hill Lavender Farm in Brenham. With such a beautiful view, the owners encourage visitors to party in the fields, making this place one of the great fun things to do in Houston. An excellent gift shop also enables you to start your weekend shopping early. And, of course, many people choose to cut their own with the odorous lavender flowering in the field. The farm offers various events and plays host to many weddings. You can visit this place any time, so call ahead to monitor the progress of lavender.

The Jersey Barnyard:

As many people migrate to the big cities, many adults and children grow up not realizing where their food comes from specifically. Thankfully, a few farms in Houston are opening their doors to families, encouraging visitors to take a look at the impressive farm life. The Jersey Barnyard in LaGrange, Houston, is just such a place. The farm gives tours and pumping sessions, where members can milk the cows. In the Fall, kids love to tour the pumpkin patch. The ranch offers activities like cheese making and pumpkin painting. Call ahead to check out the visiting periods, and don’t forget to inquire about their ice cream.

San Antonio Riverwalk:

Many people from Houston are much familiar with the San Antonio Riverwalk. But not many realize that the Riverwalk is pretty during the weekends and holidays. They were decked out in many bars and restaurants that offer specials during the weekends and holidays. Add these passionate things to do in Houston to your itinerary!


Houston is a fantastic city, with numerous attractions to keep you occupied. Of those attractions, there are a few that are must-see. Whatever your tastes, Houston features enough local flavor to satisfy your cravings. Be sure to get out and enjoy all that this place has to offer.