Millions of families visit Houston each year, as it offers a wealth of activities and attractions for people of all ages. Those with youngsters are pleased to discover that there are plenty of things to do in Houston, whether they are planning a day trip, a quick weekend getaway, or long vacation. Below are some interesting thins to do in Houston with kids:

Houston Zoo

One of best zoos in Texas is located in Houston. The Houston Zoo has consistently been named one of the Southwest’s best animal sanctuaries, and exploring this wonderful zoo is a highly enjoyable activity for children of all ages. Here, animals, fish, and birds can be viewed in their natural habitats, and children can participate in giraffe and elephant feedings, interact with zookeepers, or visit the zoo’s Water Play Park.

Special attractions and displays are also part of the zoo, and these change on a regular basis. In addition, children can participate in treasure hunts and snorkeling expeditions or search for souvenirs and goodies in the zoo’s gift shop. When looking for things to do in Houston, a visit to the city’s remarkable zoo is a great place to begin.

Katy Visual and Performing Arts Center

The Katy Visual and Performing Arts Center–KVPAC–is a wonderful place to take children who enjoy live performances or who have an interest in the arts. KVPAC’s goal is to be a top destination for visual and performing arts experiences. The center is located in downtown Houston, and many visitors regard it as a magical arena in which the arts come alive. Ideal for children of any age, even preschoolers can explore the world of art at the KVPAC.

Fast Track Amusements

Fast Track Amusements is an indoor-outdoor family entertainment center that is ideal for anyone with children who are energetic and need a fun, safe place to show off their skills, let off steam, or simply enjoy an exciting play date. Featuring Formula One style go carts, laser tag, mini-golf, arcade games and bouncy houses, the Fast Track Amusement Center has something for everyone. With a helpful and friendly staff, clean and well-maintained facilities, and a snack shop and cafe, the Fast Track Amusement Center is perfect for any family on a Houston getaway.

Splashway Family Water Park

Among other great thins to do in Houston with kids is a visit to the Splashway Family Water Park. Located less than an hour from the center of the city, a visit to the Water Park deserves a spot on any family’s must-see list. Home to the tallest head-first, mat-racing water slide in Texas, Splashway has everything an adrenaline sports fan could desire. Therefore, those with active children who enjoy water slides, lazy rivers and exciting rides are highly pleased with what they find at Splashway.

Splashway Family Water Park also boasts an expansive campground with over 130 RV hookups and 50 child-friendly cabins. Those with youngsters who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors should consider camping at this facility when visiting Houston.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science

Established in 1909, the Houston Museum of Natural Science–HMNS–is home to outstanding displays of space station models, mineral specimens, and artifacts. Over 60 giant skeleton mounts are also on display at the museum, including three large Quetzalcoatlus and four Tyrannosaurus Rex. The museum is home to a planetarium as well, with more than enough tours and displays to entertain any size family for the entire day.

Special exhibits and guests are always part of the itinerary at the HMNS. It is currently one of the most popular science museums in the country. Children love virtually everything about the museum, especially the grasshopper clock that is found at the building’s impressive entrance.

Johnson Space Center

The Johnson Space Center is one of Houston’s most popular attractions. It boasts over 400 artifacts, as well as numerous temporary and permanent exhibits related to America’s outstanding space flight programs. Touring the Space Center is a spellbinding experience for children of all ages, and anyone looking for thins to do in Houston with kids cannot go wrong with a trip to the Center.

The museum is also home to a broad range of interactive consoles and 3-D movies. As an added treat, children can tour the astronaut training center and take a behind-the-scenes look at how space flights are planned and how astronauts are trained.

Houston Downtown Aquarium

Houston is also home to a splendid downtown aquarium that features a 500,000 gallon water tank filled with over 200 exotic species of marine life. This entertainment and dining complex is a central landmark in Houston, and features rides, shopping, restaurants and spectacular aquatic exhibits. Families with youngsters can easily spend an entire day at the Houston Downtown Aquarium and still have more to see when they return.

Minute Maid Park

The Minute Maid Park is home to the Astros, which is Houston’s Major League Baseball team. Families with children can watch the team playing on natural outdoor grass, and take in the view from the Park’s new, 240 foot-high retractable roof–a recent, three million dollar addition to the Park. This super attraction offers plenty of fun for everyone in the family, and the complex can be enjoyed regardless of the weather. In addition, there is a broad range of food choices available at Minute Maid Park throughout the year, including the Park’s signature BBQ.

Hines Waterfall Park

The Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park is a another terrific outdoor entertainment area for families with children of all ages. A day of fun in the great outdoors can be enjoyed against the amazing backdrop of this water wall. Featuring a 65-foot semicircular fountain of water that tumbles down the inner and outer walls of the structure, it is an amazing display to observe.

The fountain circulates 11,000 gallons of water every minute, making it difficult to stop looking at it when viewing it for the first time. More than 180 oak trees surround this popular landmark, and an expansive area of greenery creates the perfect environment for a walk, picnic or game of Frisbee, as well as great photo-opportunities.

Cockrell Butterfly Center

The Brown Hall of Entomology and Cockrell Butterfly Center boast a broad variety of butterfly species and science displays, making both Centers ideal settings in which to teach and entertain youngsters. Those looking for thins to do in Houston with kids should definitely consider a morning or afternoon at the Brown Hall of Entomology.

Offering both education and entertainment for visitors of all ages, the Cockrell Butterfly Center also beckons to families with children. Here, visitors find beautiful insect specimens living in a natural butterfly habitat, as well as some of the world’s most interesting arthropods. Enjoyable, interactive games and quizzes are also available for youngsters who want to participate in such activities.

Houston offers a virtually limitless number of activities and attractions for families with children. For this reason, those looking for thins to do in Houston with kids are guaranteed to find something to suit their budget and lifestyle. Regardless of the attractions and activities selected, a trip to this unique and interesting city is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

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